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Wayne’s first exposure to music was through his dad; a fiddler and guitar player. He developed a love for music and a desire to learn guitar at an early age. His pursuit began when his dad provided an old Harmony for him to play. Because the action was so high he knew Wayne would have to really be dedicated to learn. Dad decided that if Wayne showed true commitment he would purchase him something he could actually play. Wayne was so committed and his fingers so raw his dad could not bear to see the pain so he did indeed purchase Wayne the “perfect” rock and roll guitar. A “ Red” electric . This instrument played much easier and was also louder which satisfied Wayne’s need for less pain and more volume.

Wayne spent those early years and into young adulthood playing at maximum volume in rock and roll bands playing in garages and bars. He eventually broadened his listening pleasures to Bluegrass, Fingerpickin, Blues, Jazz and Folk and as his need for decibles decreased his love for these other styles of music increased. His pursuit to master this “new” music and his return to acoustic music began when a friend introduced him to the “ thumbpickin” style of music popular in Kentucky. His friend taught him to play Freight Train and Farewell My Bluebelle. Both of which still make an occasional appearance during performances today. Wayne then began his mastery of traditional fingerpickin where you can see the influence of guitar masters such as Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Pat Kirtley, and Mike Dowling. Wayne has always had an appreciation for a variety of music styles but seems to have a special fondness for American “ Roots” music.

Wayne is usually joined during performances by an old high school flame, vocalist, Arthetta Long. She comes from a large music loving family. Her early years and love for music was influenced by “ daddy and mom” who played guitar and piano and sang. Weekend music sessions were often enjoyed in her small Oklahoma hometown. She learned to sing with her sisters and brother during these weekend jams. Her early years were filled with both work and play but the work went faster and smoother if they sang while they worked. It was during these work sessions that she learned to sing and developed an ear for music. She will assure you that if she did not stay on her “ part” she would be sufficiently chastised. She has performed both individually and in groups. She is a poet/songwriter in her own right and it is not uncommon to hear a new or personalized verse to a familiar song during their performances.

Wayne and Arthetta perform a variety of music styles on vintage National resophonic guitars as well as a standard six string guitar. They have played at festivals, private parties, coffeehouses and concert halls. You won’t have to listen long to hear the influence of such guitar greats as Mississippi John Hurt, Tampa Red and Merle Travis. They will take you on a musical journey through the hills of Kentucky, the swamps of Louisiana, around the street corners and into the coffee shops of Greenwich Village. Their shows are warm and engaging. A sure bet for any occasion.